"Reading in a Flash"- a complete reading program...

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Reading in a Flash Testimonials

I am a phonics teacher, and I was looking for a "hands on tool" to help my students. We found that this program did all the work for me.!  All I have to do is show the flash cards!  If you are unsure of some of the sounds, I recommend the self-taught phonics program, in DVD form, to anyone who wants to extend their knowledge of phonics. This program was the answer for me to help my students catch up with their peers.  If your child is ready, you can take your child to an adult reading level.  
Sincerely, Lois Macy, Honolulu, HI

I teach ESL in Los Angeles and I currently use the complete set of "Reading in a Flash" with my students.  It is especially beneficial for students who struggle with unusual sounds.  I was amazed to find that every sound that I had previously had issues with teaching now has a flash card.  
Many thanks, Barry Ghabaei, Los Angeles, CA  

I am a homeschool parent who bought Reading in a Flash so that my daughter could begin to read at grade level.  When I bought the complete set she was in 3rd grade reading at a 1st grade level.  She is now in 5th grade and is reading beyond grade level!  
Best wishes, Jan Breit, Santa Maria, CA    

I use Reading in a Flash with my daughter.  She has grasped the sounds very quickly!  I especially like how the sounds are segmented.  My daughter is now able to separate the sounds within larger words, and is able to apply what she has learned with unfamiliar words.  Yeah!!!
-Kevin  Knobloch, Gumma, Japan