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Over 1,000 flashcards


We segment ALL sounds so EVERYONE can learn to read in a flash!
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Test your students with our flashcards!

What phonetic sounds do they need to learn???  We have all the sounds!  If they can correctly answer all of the sounds, they will know all the phonics they will ever need to know!!! 

We do ALL of the work for you with FAST and FREE shipping for "Complete Set Orders" and orders over 60 dollars. 

 1,000 phonetic flashcards (5.6 inches X 3.6 inches)  in card stock and precut for you!
  au, ch, oa, qua, ey, ai, ough

Below are 8 cards from our over 1,000 card program!

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One reason:  WE DON'T SKIP ANYTHING... WITH OVER 1,000 CARDS!!! 

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  • We are the most comprehensive set of flash cards on the market!
  • With 17 Sets of Cards; each focusing on a different area.
  • We are also the least expensive!  
  • We encourage you to try to find a more comprehensive set for less money!
  • We tackle all sounds!  Consonant blends, digraphs, diphthongs, difficult endings, silent "e", and more!
  • Designed for kids and adults!
  • You don't have to print them out- we do the work!
  • Card stock is expensive!
  • You can purchase them by section!
  • We are easy to contact if you have questions!
  • We offer a 10 day money back guarantee! (minus shipping)
We are confident that Reading in a Flash is the best and most affordable reading program out there!  If you can find a better deal, please tell us!  WE ARE SERIOUS.

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-The Reading in a Flash Family